The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is an extramural course offered to students in the afternoons at Equilibria.

Why this course?

The certificate has been developed against the background of the current high unemployment rates in South Africa. The current economic climate in our country makes it increasingly difficult for young people to find employment. The Certificate in Entrepreneurship aims to equip Equilibria students with an additional skill set which they can use to earn an income later in their lives.


What will you gain from the Certificate in Entrepreneurship?

  • The certificate is one of the best ways to make the most of your gap year at Equilibria and gain additional skills to apply in the future.
  • You will gain real-life work experience while running your own small business.
  • The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is a recommendable CV item which could help you to secure jobs and increases employability in the future.
  • The course empowers you to start your own business after completion of a diploma or degree.
  • The combination of entrepreneurial skills with self-management skills gained in the gap year program provides a unique skill set needed to ensure the successful establishment of a business.

Winners never quit and quitters never win.


The curriculum design for the certificate ensures ample practical work and activity-based learning to maximize your ability to translate your acquired knowledge into successful businesses.

Module 101: Creativity and Innovation

Outcomes: How to discover and identify new business opportunities, creative problem-solving, idea generation techniques, cultivating resourcefulness, creativity techniques to stimulate innovation.

Module 102: Business Management for Entrepreneurship

Outcomes: Goal setting, the entrepreneurial mindset, strategic decision-making, feasibility studies, legal matters, analysing internal and external factors that influence business, planning, managing and implementing a business plan.

Module 103: Introduction to Marketing

Outcomes: Marketing elements and strategies; market research; composition of the market, target market analysis, pricing of products, corporate communication strategies, branding and advertising.

Module 104: Financial Mangement for Entrepreneurship 

Outcomes: Key terms and definitions in financial management, financial statements, budgeting principles, accounting records; analysing cost and profits, tax matters and legal implications, financing a new business, risk analysis, viability studies.

Module 105: Business Venture: Entrepreneurship in Practice

Outcomes: a Case study of a successful entrepreneur, 3 month’s practical project, where the student is required to launch and manage a small business. They are allowed to complete the project in small groups of maximum 3 members.


Self-Management Modules

The following self-management modules of the certificate’s study program are completed as part of the gap year program and will be recognized for the certificate:

Module 201: Communication Skills

Module 202: Work Ethics

Module 203: Emotional Intelligence

Module 204: Time and Stress Management


The early bird registration fee (total cost of the certificate) is R4790,00  (VAT included). The normal course fee is R5880,00 (VAT included). The registration fee covers all the costs of the course and no additional class fees are required.

How to apply for the certificate:

Selection: Students who apply for the course need to demonstrate a certain level of entrepreneurial abilities to be successful in the course. You required to complete the Entrepreneurship Aptitudes Test and email it with the Application Form to info@equilibriaschool.co.za.