Do you…

Fluctuate between various career options?

Wonder what your true passion is?

Feel overwhelmed with too many career options?

Get easily influenced by others’ opinions about your career?

Lack information to make a correct career decision?

If you feel like this, Equilibria’s Career Guidance programme is your answer!

Aim straight

Our Career Planning programme will guide you through a structured, step-by-step process that is facilitated over many months, allowing you to make a career decision slowly and carefully.

We help you to think systematically about your future, making sure your career decision is based on sound, rational information and not on feelings or vague ideas.

Equilibria’s Career Guidance programme is offered in two formats:

1. A facilitated classroom-based programme as part of our Life Skills Gap Year in Northcliff and Potchefstroom.

2. An online programme with the option to interact with our career coach when you need assistance. 

Did you know?

Research indicates that almost half of students who enrol for tertiary studies drop out after a few years

How does Equilibria help you to make a correct career decision?

We guide you through a systematic, introspective process that helps you to understand your personality type, talents, values and interests. The process includes psychometric tests, narrative testing methods, workbooks and questionnaires.

Practical career research:
We teach you how to do effective career research and create opportunities for you to do the research. You will do several career interviews, job shadowing and view a range of career videos. You will also do ‘student shadowing’ where you attend classes with students at a tertiary institution.

Individual career counselling:

You will receive regular career counselling with Equilibria’s career coach to monitor your progress and help you clarify your career decision.

Our Career Guidance Principles

The principles on which the programme is based are aligned with contemporary career counselling practice. They are:

  • A developmental approach where career counselling and guidance are seen as a process across the span of the year as students gather more information and gain increased insight. It is not seen as a once-off session where students complete psychometric tests and base their career decisions on the scores.
  • A student-focused approach where the student is seen as an active agent who makes his/her own decisions based on thorough self- and vocational exploration. This is a constructivist approach where students take their past into account, carefully look at their present situation and circumstances and build upon it to author and design their own future life and career.
  • A contextual approach where the student’s unique circumstances e.g. family, personal history, and socio-economic status are taken into consideration. This also includes the wider context, such as the economic outlook of South Africa and the world, career trends, labour market demands, scarce skills, and tertiary institution requirements.
  • Reality testing where the individual student’s personality, interests, values, talents, abilities, academic school subjects and symbols, physical, mental, psychological and learning problems are taken into account in the career field they choose and the higher education institutions they qualify for.

Students who have successfully completed the Career Planning Programme and have passed Equilibria’s Career Readiness Test will qualify for a Career Readiness Certificate. This certificate indicates our stamp of approval on the student’s career choice and gives credit to the student for completing all the steps in the career guidance process successfully.

Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself