The course fees covers all study materials, study guides, excursions, the most practical materials, camps, career guidance, fitness monitoring and wellness coaching. The course fees are divided into two parts:

  • A Registration Fee of R25000 payable before 30 November 2023.
  • Tuition fees of R4325 per month: Payable over 10 months from February to November 2024. 
  • Lunch and Fitness of R2500 per month:  Payable over 10 months from February to November 2024.


What is included in the fees?

Tuition: Top quality tuition in a wide spectrum of areas by leading experts in each field (32 short courses, camps and activity weeks).

Camps: all meals, accommodation, recreation and travelling expenses of the camps.

Theoretical course materials: all the theoretical course materials such as study guides and handouts.

Practical course materials: most practical course materials such as most of the foods, wine, first aid, herbs, safety and self-defence equipment.

Fitness support and monitoring: we keep track of students’ participation and progress in the Fitness Programme and arrange expert intervention when needed.

One-on-one wellness counselling: regular one-on-one sessions to monitor well-being, course participation and self-management.

Individual career guidance and psychometric tests: regular one-to-one career guidance and a wide range of scientifically endorsed psychometric tests to determine student’s unique aptitudes, personalities, values and interests.

Keep in mind

Equilibria’s course fees are more or less the same as most entry-level tertiary study programmes. Yet, many pay for an extra year at university or college, due to the high drop-out numbers at tertiary institutions. A lack of coping skills, emotional immaturity and wrong career choices commonly cause students to repeat subjects, change courses or drop out. Such a ‘wasted’ year often results in feelings of failure, confusion and guilt.

It makes more sense to prevent the possibility of wasting a year and invest in a gap year to make sure about your career decision and learn how to excel in tertiary studies and adult life.