Applications for 2022 opens on 1 April 2021.

Equilibria is relocating in 2021 to an exciting new campus in Randburg, Johannesburg!

Our new Randburg Campus will be fully operational from January 2022.


Gap year

Equilibria School of Life is a Christian-based Boutique School that offers a structured Gap Year programme to young people in Randburg, Johannesburg.

Equilibria School of Life: What we offer

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Equilibria's Gap Year helps you to:

Clarify your career choice

Learn to thrive in life

Gain style and self-confidence

Built your relationship with God

Stand on your own feet

Feel fit and look fabulous

Do a crash course in life!

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Clarify your career choice

Are you feeling confused and need more time and information to make a career decision?

Equilibria’s gap year helps you to find your true passion in life and make an informed career decision. Our intensive, step-by-step Career Guidance Programme combines psychometric tests, individual counselling and lots of career research opportunities. It is facilitated over many months, allowing your decision-making process to unfold slowly and carefully to ensure that you find a career that suits you like a glove.

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Learn to thrive in life

Want to learn how to handle every one of life’s difficult situations with ease and excellence?

Equilibria’s gap year will raise your personal efficiency by teaching you a wide range of amazing skills to help you flourish and function effectively in society. You will learn valuable social skills, etiquette, emotional intelligence, how to work with money, how to manage time, how to do self-defense and first-aid, how to be legal wise and much more. From learning how to change a flat tire to pairing food and wine – it is truly a crash course in life!

Gain style and self-confidence

Do you want that great feeling of having lots of self-confidence and an impressive sense of style?

Equilibria’s gap year is carefully designed to help you develop style and confidence, helping you to feel self-assured about every life situation you may face as an adult. The course empowers you to know how to handle a wide variety of challenges with grace and elegance, including how to handle conflict, how to be professional in a work context and how to entertain with style.

Build your relationship with God

Do you sometimes feel confused about your place in the world? Do you wish God was more real to you?

Our Discipleship Course will help you to develop your faith and feel closer to God. It will guide through an exciting process to help you discover your true purpose and identity in the world. The course is presented one afternoon per week and includes teachings, videos, fun activities, discussions and prayer sessions.

Feel fit and look fabulous

Want to feel great, look fabulous and have lots of energy?

Equilibria’s Fitness Programme will help you gain a sense of well-being, improve your health, your mood and your self-image. You will have the opportunity to exercise with professionals at least twice week in a modern Virgin Active Gym. You will set your own fitness goals and receive individual coaching on how to achieve them.

Build your CV

Do you want to take a break after school but still do something worthwhile that will boost your CV?

The skills that you will learn at Equilibria such as emotional intelligence, communication skills, etiquette, etc. are highly sought after by employers. Equilibria awards students who complete the courses successfully with a number of certificates and merit awards. These are valuable CV items that will impress future employers and tertiary institutions with your skillset.


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Equilibria is a MUST for everyone

“Before I enrolled for Equilibria’s gap year, I thought I was pretty smart and knew a lot about life. But now, looking back, I realize how ignorant I was about a lot of things!

The course helped me to get a grip on life. I will use the skills I have learned at Equilibria every day for the rest of my life.

The course helped me to discover the perfect career for myself and it was so much fun! It is a real investment in my future.”