We are a Christian-based Refinement School that offers a structured Gap Year to young people

Gap year in a nutshell

Boutique school preparing you for Life

Our programme consists of four training programs that run concurrently from February until November

You will receive individual wellness counselling on a regular basis to monitor your fitness progress, happiness and career development.

At Equilibria, we are interested in YOUR dreams, YOUR well-being and YOUR future…

Are you ready for life?

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Equilibria is a MUST for everyone

“I enrolled for Equilibria’s gap year programme as I had no idea what I was going to study.

Equilibria is a MUST for everyone, regardless whether you have made up your mind about your future studies or not. It developed me in so many ways and taught me many things I wouldn’t otherwise have learned.

I can now easily join, and even lead, any conversation about finances, safety, style, wine, etc. I also no longer have to rely on others to help me should my car break down. I am totally self-efficient!”