You are worth more than you will ever imagine.

Equilibria’s Discipleship Course aims to help you mature as a Christian and equip you to become steadfast in your faith. We wish to create a platform where you can discover your true identity in Christ and enjoy a relationship with God that is real and tangible.

The course is scheduled for one afternoon per week and entails a teaching session, informal discussions, videos, prayer and opportunity for one-to-one mentoring. You will receive a Discipleship Manual to use as a workbook for the course.

Students who complete the course successfully will be certified with a Discipleship Certificate at the end of the year.

Equilibria’s Christian Q and A Camp forms part of the course and will be held at Thabela Thabeng Mountain Retreat. The purpose of the camp is to create a Spirit-filled opportunity for you to find answers to questions that puzzle you about the Christian faith. The camp will host some of the most inspiring Christian speakers from around the country.

This course will help you find the answers to important questions such as:

  • Why believe?
  • What is my purpose?
  • Who am I?
  • Can I trust the Bible?
  • How can I have more faith?
  • Is there really only one religion?
  • How can God become more real to me?
  • How can I hear God’s voice?
  • Was Jesus really God?
  • Is the Bible truly the word of God?
  • How can I know what is God’s will?
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