potchefstroom campus

The Equilibrians at our Potchefstroom campus obtain their own private accommodation.  Equilibria will make recommendations of possible agents whose services the students can utilise to obtain their preferred accommodation close to campus. 


plate of food
plate of food
plate of food


Equilibria prepare cooked, nutritious lunches that are served at 12h30 after class on the school’s premises.  The school promotes a healthy lifestyle and we wish to ensure that students have at least one balanced meal per day. It also limits the groceries that students need to buy and ensure that unused fresh produce does not get wasted. The emphasis is on fresh, nourishing meals that are prepared with quality ingredients. Meals are booked per term and paid in advance. The meals are served buffet style and plates and cutlery are provided.

The meal includes the following:

  • Fresh fruit juice
  • One meat dish (such as chicken or beef casserole, stroganoff, meatballs or lasagne)
  • One or two starches such as pasta, potatoes, rice or rolls.
  • Freshly cooked vegetables
  • Salads or fruits
girl holding fruit


Students are required to prepare their own breakfast and supper. They are encouraged to limit their intake of fast food and eat wholesome, fresh foods like fruit, muesli, nuts and yoghurt for breakfast and whole-wheat sandwiches or egg dishes for supper.