Equilibria’s boarding houses offer comfortable accommodation in a spacious student house and flats that are located within walking distance from the school. The house and flats are divided into separate house units which accommodate 3 – 4 students, each with their own kitchen, lounge and bathrooms.

Our boarding house forms an important extension of the school’s educational environment and contribute to the development of students into refined and mature young adults.

The Code of Conduct that applies to the boarding house creates a platform for the cultivation of character traits in students that underpin the school’s mission and vision. This includes responsibility, graciousness, self-management, respect, self-discipline and inter-personal skills.

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Training and management:

The boarding house is managed by Equilibria’s Management which includes one-to-one mentoring with students, assistance with problems, help with conflict resolution, guidance and training regarding aspects such as style, self-management, interpersonal- and house conduct.

The sense of belonging:

Staying in the boarding house helps students to adapt, fit in and make friends easily, helping them to feel part of the Equilibria family soon.

Support and repairs:

The boarding houses has the advantage of being managed full-time by Equilibria’s House Manager and Terrain Manager who is on standby for emergencies, support and repair work.


Equilibria’s boarding house is conveniently located within a few minutes walking distance from the school. The complexes are also situated within walking distance of the Virgin Active gym, a supermarket, a post office, pharmacies, coffee shops, doctor’s consulting rooms.

Social interaction:

Potchefstroom has a vibrant student life and Equilibria’s boarding house often socializes together. Students who opt for private accommodation may feel socially isolated.


The boarding house is kept clean and tidy by friendly housekeepers, who clean the rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and social areas on a weekly basis. The service is included in the rental fee.


Each boarding house room has it’s own WI-FI rooter and affordable WI-FI packages are available from a local provider. More information about the packages will be sent to you later this year. Free WI-FI is available on Equilibria’s premises.

How to apply for the Boarding House

To apply for boarding, simply fill in the “Application for Boarding” box in Equilibria’s Application Form for enrolment. You may indicate on the form whether you prefer to stay in the student house or in the flats. We will try our best to place you in your preferred type of boarding.

Want your own bathroom? Register early!

Some rooms in the boarding houses have their own en-suite bathrooms. Rooms with own bathrooms are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. En-suite rooms are allocated to students who apply and register (pay the registration fee) for Equilibria in the first half of the year.

Housemates and placement

Students do not share rooms and each student has his/her own bedroom. Equilibria places housemates together in a house-unit with 3 – 4 rooms. We aim our best to group students together that come from the same hometown or share a cultural background. You may request to share with your friends at Equilibria.

View photos of the Student House

View photos of the Flats

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How much does boarding cost?

The rooms are rented on a 12-month contract basis from January to December. The rental fee per room varies from R2500 – R3200 per month, depending on the size of the room. Electricity is not included in the rental fee and each house or flat has its own prepaid electricity meter. Electricity usually costs about R200 – R250 per student per month.

LAUNDRY SERVICES are available at R50 per washing load (the size of a pillow case)


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plate of food


Equilibria prepare cooked, nutritious lunches that are served at 13h00 after class on the school’s premises.  The school promotes a healthy lifestyle and we wish to ensure that students have at least one balanced meal per day. It also limits the groceries that students need to buy and ensure that unused fresh produce does not get wasted. The emphasis is on fresh, nourishing meals that are prepared with quality ingredients. Meals are booked per term and paid in advance. The meals are served buffet style and plates and cutlery are provided.

The cost per meal is R65.00 and includes the following:

  • Fresh fruit juice
  • One meat dish (such as chicken or beef casserole, stroganoff, meatballs or lasagna)
  • One or two starches such as pasta, potatoes, rice or rolls.
  • Freshly cooked vegetables
  • Salads or fruits
  • Dessert once a week
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Students are required to prepare their own breakfast and supper in the boarding houses. They are encouraged to limit their intake of fast food and eat wholesome, fresh foods like fruit, muesli, nuts and yoghurt for breakfast and whole-wheat sandwiches or egg dishes for supper.