Why study at Equilibria


A number of other gap year programmes are available in South Africa. Equilibria’s programme are generally regarded as the best gap year option in the country, for the following reasons:

Limited intake:
Equilibria limits the student intake to approximately 50 students to ensure sufficient individual attention for career guidance and wellness counselling. Our fulltime Life Coach monitors each student’s level of motivation, career development and wellness on a regular basis. (Due to the limited intake applicants are encouraged to register before August to ensure their places in the school).

Expert education:
We only employ highly qualified experts to present the various courses. Most of our lecturers are qualified with masters or doctors degrees and have many years of experience in their field. To meet our expert lecturers, click here.

Highly specialized career guidance:
Equilibria’s Career Development Programme is the school’s flagship programme and has an excellent track record in helping young people to make a correct, well-informed career decision. The programme stretches over 6 months and runs parallel to the Finishing Programme. We employ only the best career counselors to facilitate an intensive and focused career guidance process that includes several psychometric tests, step by step discovery processes, self-knowledge workbooks, individual counseling, career research software and practical research processes.

Focus on health and fitness:
We place a strong emphasis on cultivating healthy lifestyle habits such as exercise, stress management, healthy eating and positive thinking. Each student is enrolled on a Health and Fitness programme which requires that students should exercise at least 3 times per week.

Focus on refinement and style:
In a society where social graces are becoming a rarity amongst young people, Equilibria’s course focuses on the refinement of each individual in terms of social skills, etiquette, style and gracious behaviour at all times.

Academic standard:
We offer structured education with a proper academic base and clearly formulated outcomes, appropriate evaluation procedures, study guides and effective teaching methodologies.

Comprehensive study programme:
Our programme deals with almost every important aspect of adult life to effectively prepare young people for life. One of the main outcomes of Equilibria’s refinement year is fostering independence in young people and helping them to become more mature.

Individual monitoring:
Each student’s well-being, fitness level, career development and course participation are monitored throughout the year and parents are kept informed about the student’s progress.

Student reports:
A detailed report that states academic results, course participation and fitness levels is send to parents after each term.

English tuition:
We regard English tuition as important preparation for tertiary study, especially for Afrikaans speaking students. Most universities and colleges in South Africa use English as their primary teaching medium.

Focus on self-esteem:
Equilibria’s course is carefully designed to ensure maximum levels of self-growth. The school adopts a holistic view of individual development, aiming to boost a wide spectrum of self-related factors such as a healthy self-esteem, self-worth and personal integrity.

Boarding Houses:
Equilibria’s Boarding Houses provide comfortable accommodation to our students and are managed fulltime. Management include one-to-one counselling with students, assistance with problems, help with conflict resolution, guidance and training regarding house conduct.

Workplace experience: 
Equilibria’s Work Ethics Programme provides opportunity for students to work in a real-life environment and gain valuable experience, while learning skills such as responsibility, time-management and self-discipline.

Focus on personal efficiency:
We purposefully aim to raise our student’s personal efficiency by teaching them effective coping skills that help them function as informed and competent adults in society.

Safe environment:
We believe Potchefstroom is the ideal environment for young people who leave their parents home for the first time. It is a student town with all the conveniences of large cities, yet it has a small town atmosphere, vibrant student life and is safer with less crime.

No hidden costs:
Equilibria’s fees are all inclusive and students do not need to raise money or pay additionally for camps, practical materials, books, study guides, excursions and activities.


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