Is the finishing course for you?

Equilibra’s finishing course is aimed at ambitious and motivated young people who want to invest in themselves and in their future.

To be admitted to the course, one needs to pass through a selection process. Only approximately 50 students are selected for the course. To view the selection criteria, click on Application.

Equilibria’s finishing course is not only for those who feel uncertain about career decisions. Young people who feel certain about career decisions benefit from the year by making absolutely sure about their career decision or exploring other career possibilities.

Age group: Equilibria accommodates students between 18 and 22 years.

Gender: The course is designed for male and female students. Modern life demands that both sexes be proficient in skills that have traditionally been linked to either men or women. Today, male and female roles are, in the workplace and in the home, increasingly overlapping. Nowadays, both males and females work and share responsibilities regarding housekeeping, raising kids and earning an income. At Equilibria, ladies learn to change a flat tyre and male students learn how to cook!

When should you do the course?
Equilibria’s finishing course is ideal to complete:

  • after matric before you embark on a formal study programme or career
  • after a university or college degree/diploma
  • when you are between jobs
  • if you made a wrong study choice and need direction

…or if you simply want to live a little before you start formal studying or working.

Student Feedback

Hermien Steyn
“Equilibria se ‘gap year’-program het my lewe verander. Ek was onseker oor my loopbaankeuse en het nie rigting in die lewe gehad nie. Ná my ‘gap year’ is ek opgewonde oor my toekoms en heeltemal seker van my loopbaankeuse. Ek is vol selfvertroue en kan nou enige aspek van die lewe hanteer of dit nou emosies is, ’n pap wiel omruil, noodhulp, verhoudinge, regskennis of wyn en onthaal is!”

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