Equilibria’s Boarding Houses

Equilibria’s boarding houses offer comfortable accommodation in spacious student houses and flats that are located within walking distance from the school. The houses and flats are divided into separate house units which accommodate 3 – 4 students, each with their own kitchen, lounge and bathrooms.

Students who enrol for Equilibria’s Finishing Course stay in the boarding houses since it forms an important extension of the school’s educational environment and contribute to the development of students into refined and mature young adults. The Code of Conduct that applies to the boarding houses creates a platform for the cultivation of character traits in students that underpin the school’s mission and vision. This includes responsibility, graciousness, self-management, respect, self-discipline and inter-personal skills.

Boarding house advantages:

Training, counselling and management: The boarding houses are managed by Equilibria’s Management which include one-to-one counselling with students, assistance with problems, help with conflict resolution, guidance and training regarding aspects such as style, self-management, interpersonal- and house conduct.

Sense of belonging: Staying in the boarding houses help students to adapt, fit in and make friends easily, helping them to feel part of the Equilibria family soon.

Support: The boarding houses have the advantage of being managed full-time by Equilibria’s House Manager who is on 24 hours standby for emergencies, support, advice, assistance and repair work.

Location: Equilibria’s boarding houses are conveniently located within a few minutes walking distance from the school. The complexes are also situated within walking distance of the Virgin Active gym, a supermarket, a post office, pharmacies, café’s, doctor’s consulting rooms, bookshops and restaurants.

Social interaction: Potchefstroom has a vibrant student life and Equilibria’s boarding houses often socialize together. Students who opt for private accommodation may feel socially isolated.

Full-time housekeepers: The boarding houses are kept clean and tidy by friendly housekeepers, who clean the rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and social areas on a daily or weekly basis. The service is included in the rental fee.

Housemates and placement:
Students do not share rooms and each student has his/her own bedroom. Equilibria places housemates together in a house unit which accommodate 3 – 4 students. Placement is based on the information provided on the Boarding House Placement Questionnaire. The form is attached – kindly return it before 31 October.

We try our best to group students together that come from the same hometown or share a cultural background. Students are welcome to select their own housemates if they have friends at Equilibria or change housemates if they wish to.

Want your own bathroom? Register early!
Some rooms have their own en suite bathrooms. Rooms with their own bathrooms are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Although final grouping of students in houses is done towards the end of the year, en suite rooms will be allocated to students who apply and register (pay registration fee) for Equilibria early in the year.

How to apply for the Boarding Houses
To apply for boarding, simply fill in the appropriate box (“Application for Boarding”) in Equilibria’s Application Form for enrolment. To access the form, click here. Students may indicate whether they prefer to stay in the student houses or in the flats. We will try our best to place students in their preferred type of accommodation.

Viewing of the Boarding Houses

To minimize disturbance to students staying currently in the Boarding Houses, specific viewing times have been arranged. The first viewing day is during Equilibria’s official Open Day on 6 May 2017 this year. Students, who miss the open day, may view the rooms during the first week in December, by appointment only (083 280 3283 or 018 297 0109 or


Option 1: Student Houses
The two student houses House Amadeus and House Einstein are conveniently located right next to Equilibria. The houses are divided into separate wings which accommodates 3 – 4 students. The rooms are spacious, many with wooden floors and large windows. Each room is furnished with a cupboard and a single wooden bed. Some rooms have en suite bathrooms. Both houses have gardens and social areas. To view photos of the houses, click here.

Option 2: Block of flats

The two blocks of flats, Da Vinci House and Castle House are located in the student hub, a few minutes’ walk from Equilibria. It offers comfortable boarding for students in separate house units that accommodate of 3- 4 students. Each unit consists of a spacious communal kitchen, lounge, bathrooms and bedrooms. Some rooms have en suite bathrooms and certain units have small gardens and their own barbeque areas. To view photos of the flats, click here.


Rental fees:

The rooms are rented on a 12 month contract basis from January to December. The rental fee per room is R2750 per month and includes:

  • Student support and personal mentoring
  • Additional training: style and self-management
  • Crisis and emergency assistance
  • R150 electricity subsidy
  • Undercover parking
  • Full time cleaning: rooms and communal areas
  • Dishwashing during the week
  • Gardening services
  • Maintenance of the premises and rooms

Electricity is not included in the rental fee and each house or flat has its own prepaid electricity meter. Students can obtain electricity from various outlets in the area using the provided electricity card. Electricity usually costs R200 – R300 per student per month.

Furniture and facilities:
All rooms are furnished with built-in cupboards. The rooms in the student houses have single wooden beds and the social areas are furnished with chairs and a coffee table. Students staying in the flats must bring their own beds and chairs for the lounge.  Many students prefer to keep a small fridge and a kettle in their rooms. Students are required to bring their own desk, chair and curtains.

The communal kitchens are equipped with a stove, a communal fridge and a microwave oven. Students are required to bring their own kitchen utensils, cutlery, pots and pans.  Each student will have their own kitchen cabinet to store and lock their kitchen utensils. Laundry facilities are available in most houses.


The local internet service provider (Safricom) has an internet hotspot on the premises but the stability and speed of the hotspot are often unreliable. Students are advised to bring their own 3G Vodacom/Cell C/MTN dongle and use either prepaid or contract based data.

Free under-cover parking is available on the premises.

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