Meet our lecturing team

The school employs only the very best expertise that South Africa has to offer. We are boasting a spectrum of dynamic, distinguished and exceptionally experienced team of lecturers. Lecturers are hand-picked from across the country and are employed on the basis of their outstanding achievements, lecturing skills and passion for their fields of expertise.

Dr. Hanri de la Harpe: Managing Director

Equilibria was founded by the school’s Managing Director, dr. Hanri de la Harpe. She lectured for many years at various universities and obtained her doctors degree in Creative Thinking Skills at the North West University. Her vision is to transform young people’s lives, helping them to become happy, healthy and fulfilled adults that excel in all walks of life. She is a passionate Christian and strives to create an educational ‘haven’ for lecturers and students that celebrates and upholds biblical principles.

Mrs. Jomari de Beer: Lecturer (currently on leave)

Mrs Jomari de Beer is qualified with a master’s degree (Cum Laude) in Research Psychology and is currently completing a second master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.  She is a bundle inspirational energy and has a special gift to motivate young people to overcome thinking patterns that limits their potential. Her innovative teaching and coaching style has made her one of the school’s most popular lecturers. She has a passion for health and fitness and enjoy teaching students practical and fun ways to keep up healthy lifestyle habits.

Dr Serge Solomons: Motivational Speaker, Pastor and Lecturer

Dr. Dr. Serge Solomons is a part-time medical doctor and pastor in Johannesburg who has a vision to serve humanity and bring healing and transformation in people’s lives on a deeper level. He is actively involved in the Leaders in Transforation Institute and works as an inspirational speaker, coach and facilitator in various human empowerment fields. He loves young people and teaches Emotional Intelligence and Relationship Skills at Equilibria. His courses never fail to change our student’s hearts, paving the way for them to live value-driven and fulfilling lives.

Petrus Jacobs:
Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Lecturer

Petrus Jacobs is a highly-in-demand full-time motivational speaker and life coach who has done human empowerment training for prominent South African and international companies such as Virgin Active, Metropolitan and Nissan. He has a natural flair for helping young people discover their untapped potential in order to live meaningful and successful lives. His Positive Thinking course at Equilibria is a life changing experience as he enables students to discover the ‘champion within’ and realize the phenomenal potential lying within each of them.
Visit his website at:

Donna Kennedy-Meyer: Well-known Image Consultant and Personal Stylist

Donna Kennedy-Meyer is a celebrated and highly successful Image and Style Consultant with an amazing talent to bring out the best in her clients. She is based in Stellenbosch and has worked extensively in South Africa and abroad (France and the USA) as a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. Donna has done editorial work for various magazines and appeared on numerous television programs doing workshops, makeovers and personal styling. Having a deep passion for people, fashion, colour, fabric, makeup and clothing, her vision is for her clients is to be confident, beautiful and happy, inside and out! Visit her website at

Conrad Louw: Renowned Cape Wine Master

Equilibria is fortunate to have one of South Africa’s most celebrated and knowledgeable wine experts on board to teach students an appreciation for wine. Conrad Louw is a national and internally renowned professional Cape Wine Master at the Cape Wine Academy. He has an appetite for adventure and travels extensively in South Africa and abroad to conduct presentations on wine. Conrad has a passion for sherry which was the focus of his master’s dissertation. His superior understanding of wine and his entertaining presentation style makes him highly in demand for talks and short courses in wine appreciation, wine tasting and food and wine pairing

Dr René Koraan: Advocate, Lecturer and Legal Expert

Advocate Renè Koraan (B.A. Law, LLB, LLM Labor Law) is employed as a lecturer in Criminal Law, Juvenile Justice and Legal Education at the North-West University. Rene’s energetic and creative lecturing skills have recently won her the prestigious BEST LECTURER AWARD in the Faculty of Law at the North-West University. She enjoys using fun ways to engage her students in the world of law and is known for her practical and hands-on approach to teach the fundamentals of South African law. She feels that it is important that every young person is well informed about their rights and liabilities before they enter into adult life.

Dr. Lida Holtzhausen: Lecturer and Mentor

Equilibria is proud to have Dr. Lida Holtzhausen (PHD, Corporate Communication) on our team of dynamic lecturers. Having won the school’s BEST LECTURER award for the past three years, she is a bundle of inspiring energy with a flair for lecturing. Lida works as a Senior Lecturer at the North West University’s School for Communication studies. She has a passion for etiquette and loves to teach young people how to be graceful and elegant at all times.

Dr. Alfred Henrico: Lecturer and Mentor

Dr. Alfred Henrico is a lecturer at the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences of the North West University. His exceptional gift for teaching has won him the prestigious VICE-CHANCELLOR’S AWARD FOR TEACHING EXCELLENCE at the university. Alfred’s true passion is to inspire young entrepreneurs, helping them to develop sustainable businesses. He is actively involved in lecturing, mentoring and the curriculum development of Equilibria’s Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Marna Laurens: Lecturer, Motivator and Soft Skills Trainer

Dr. Marna Laurens (PHD Tourism Management Cum Laude) has several years’ experience as lecturer at the North West University in the subjects of Marketing, Ecotourism and Business Management. Being gifted with a wide range of  interests and talents, Marna also worked as a fitness instructor, soft skills trainer, worship leader, writer and curriculum developer for various institutions. She loves to travel and enjoy the fine art of entertaining. Her energetic and passionate way of teaching makes her one of Equilibria’s most popular lecturers.

Jacky van der Merwe: Financial Consultant and Entrepreneur

Jacky van der Merwe (BCom Risk Management, Hons BCom & MCom Economics) has lectured Development Economics at the North West University for several years and currently works as a financial consultant and entrepreneur. She has been teaching Financial Skills at Equilibria for several years and loves to help young people understand the importance of budgeting and being able to manage finances from a young age. She believes in demystifying economics by using everyday examples, such as dog ownership and dating, to illustrate concepts.

Jacques and Elna Badenhorst: Chefs: Food Alchemists

Jacques and Elna Badenhorst is the founder and Executive Chef couple at Food Alchemy:
Elna received formal French Cuisine training at the prestigious Institute of Culinary Arts in Cape Town and Jacques boasts a Diploma in Professional Modernist Cuisine. Being rated as one of the Top Chefs in the Country, Jacques has worked at numerous Top 5 Star Resorts, Restaurants, Boutique Hotels, Banqueting Centres and Wedding Venues. They have a particular passion for ‘molecular gastronomy’ and love to surprise quests with creative and unexpected treats. Their Culinary Skills course at Equilibria is a true eye-opener and inspiration for our students.

Cobus Fourie: Self-defense Instructor

Equilibria’s Safety and Self-defense Course is presented by Cobus Fourie, the owner of Close Combat Solutions. He and his team have developed a self-defense system that is simple enough to teach students in a few days to defend themselves effectively in various crime or emergency situations.  Their system is based on an actual fighting system used by the Eastern military on the battlefield and was designed to end a fight quickly with minimum effort and maximum results. His competent team of instructors has more than ten years of experience in self-defense training.

Wesley Wallace: Professional Photographer and Lecturer

Wesley Wallace is a lecturer in Photography at the Potchefstroom Academy. With years of experience within the photographic industry, this dedicated lecturer believes it is important that students develop a sound understanding of the technical and creative aspects of photography to master this fine art. Wesley’s photography workshops are marked by individual attention and his classes are both informative and fun.

Cato Emergency Consultants: First Aid Training

Cato Emergency Consultants specializes in First Aid Training and is an accredited Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) training provider. CEC also manages the Emergency Center (EC) of Mediclinic Hospital at Potchefstroom and provide a free emergency response system to the residents of Potchefstroom. Their training methodology is hands-on and thorough, making sure each student is empowered to apply life-saving procedures when needed.

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