Equilibria’s Health and Fitness Programme

Cultivating healthy lifestyle habits is one of Equilibria’s main aims and regular exercise is viewed as an essential lifestyle habit to establish in a young adult’s life. We believe that regular exercise:

  • improves mood
  • build self-discipline
  • ensure a healthy self-image
  • promotes better sleep
  • combats many diseases
  • boosts energy levels
  • controls weight
  • creates a general sense of wellbeing
  • is fun
  • makes you look great!

To teach students the benefits of regular exercise and to improve their general wellbeing, each student will be enrolled in a personal Health and Fitness Programme. This programme runs throughout the year and entails regular one-to-one counselling sessions, motivational talks, individual fitness assessments and progress reports.

To achieve the aims of this programme, Equilibria works together with the local Virgin Active Gym to monitor each student’s participation in the programme and to provide individual attention where needed . This requires that each student that is enrolled on Equilibria’s Health and Fitness Programme obtains membership at the Virgin Active Gym for the year. The gym is within walking distance from Equilibria and offers an uplifting and inspiring environment with an extensive range of exercise possibilities to suit every student’s particular preference.

Membership fees: Student rates for gym membership are currently R375 per month (off peak times) or R395 (all hours) and R175 once off joining fee.

How to join the Virgin Active Gym: Students and parents can visit the gym and join in January when they arrive for the gap year. Alternatively, they can join the gym on the first day of the Orientation Week when membership contracts and Virgin Active personnel will be available at Equilibria. To join the gym, the following is needed:

  • R175 joining fee.
  • Proof of studentship (we will send students a letter to proof this).
  • The student’s identity document.
  • Bank details of the account which will be debited for the monthly membership fee.


A highlight on Equilibria’s Health and Fitness calendar is the Parkrun Fitness Evaluations. Equilibria students take part in at least two Parkrun events in Potchefstroom to measure their fitness levels and set new fitness goals based on their performance. The Parkrun (www.parkrun.co.za/potchefstroom) takes place each Saturday and covers 5 km in a scenic area next to the Mooi River. The weekly event is a community programme and is usually lots of fun. Equilibria students take part in the Parkrun as a group but each student’s fitness levels is measured individually.

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