Tests and assignments:
At least two formal assessments take place in each course. A student needs to pass a course in order for the module to be listed on his/her certificate. Evaluation is done in various ways such as practical projects, theoretical tests, group projects or written assignments. Afrikaans speaking students are allowed to complete tests, assignments and projects in Afrikaans.

Final exam:
A final exam is scheduled for the end of the year. The focus of the exam is to indicate competency in the practical application of each skill in a real life context.

Purpose of the evaluations:
The purpose of Equilibria’s evaluation is to:

  • earn a percentage mark that will indicate to future employers (and parents) that the student has adequately mastered the skills that are listed on his or her certificate;
  • to motivate students to engage sufficiently in the class activities;
  • to enable students to evaluate themselves in order to know that they have learned a new set of skills;
  • to allow lecturers to measure the level of understanding that is achieved by the students after completion of the module.

Class attendance:
Students’ class attendance is carefully monitored and contributes to their final course mark.

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