Equilibria’s Discipleship Programme

You are worth more than you will ever imagine.

Equilibria is based and built on Christian principles. We do however respect each student’s unique religious and cultural orientation and Christian activities are therefore not compulsory.

Equilibria’s optional Discipleship Programme is offered one afternoon per week on Monday afternoons. The Discipleship Programme entails a structured Bible-based Study Programme and aims to create a platform for discussion, spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of the Word of God.

The course deals with important questions such as:

  • The Bible’s view on our purpose: why am I here?
  • The Bible’s view on our identity: who am I?
  • The Bible’s view on God: what is He like?
  • Is the Bible truly the Word of God?
  • Is there really only one correct religion?
  • What is the meaning and purpose of the New Testament?
  • What is the meaning and purpose of the Old Testament?
  • Was Jesus really God?
  • Why did Jesus have to die?
  • What is rebirth?
  • What does it mean to be a ‘new creation‘?
  • If God is love, why is the world in such disorder?
  • How can we hear God’s voice?
  • How can God be three persons in one?
  • Is there one correct way to pray?
  • How can we grow spiritually?
  • How can I build my relationship with God?
  • How can I overcome sin?
  • How can I know what is God’s will?
  • What is the full meaning of the ‘communion‘?

Student Feedback

Hermien Steyn
“Equilibria se ‘gap year’-program het my lewe verander. Ek was onseker oor my loopbaankeuse en het nie rigting in die lewe gehad nie. Ná my ‘gap year’ is ek opgewonde oor my toekoms en heeltemal seker van my loopbaankeuse. Ek is vol selfvertroue en kan nou enige aspek van die lewe hanteer of dit nou emosies is, ’n pap wiel omruil, noodhulp, verhoudinge, regskennis of wyn en onthaal is!”

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