Career Readiness Test

Are you ready to make a career decision?

We believe that the majority of school leavers are not ready to make a career decision and need some time to mature, grow, get to know themselves and gain life experience before they can embark on career planning. Below are a test to determine if you are ready to make a career decision.

You are NOT READY to make a career decision if you meet at least three of the following criteria:

  • Your career decisions fluctuate between various options;
  • You are easily influenced by other people’s opinions;
  • You feel overwhelmed with too many possible career options;
  • You feel the need that someone else should make your career decision for you;
  • You postpone making a career decision because you are scared to make a wrong decision;
  • You lack information about all the new trends and new career options that evolved in the last years;
  • You rely on a career recommendation made by a career consultant and not on your own conviction;
  • You are not sure what your true passion is;
  • You find it difficult to think analytically about a career decision and rely on your feelings or instincts;
  • Your self-image is influenced by who you want to be instead of who you know you are;
  • You lack motivation for further studies;
  • You feel unable to approach the career making process systematically and feel confused;
  • You did not have enough time or opportunity to do proper career research;
  • You have done several psychometric tests and are still indecisive about a career decision;
  • You only have a vague idea what your unique talents, strengths and weaknesses are;
  • You base a career decision mainly on what you think it entails instead of what you know it entails;
  • You did not have time or opportunity to do job shadowing;
  • The idea of making a career decision fills you with anxiety;
  • You do not have a clear idea of what the day-to-day nature is of the job/career that you consider;
  • You do not know exactly what each subject entails in the study programme that you consider;
  • You did not do interviews with people that work, teach or study in the fields that interest you;
  • You don’t feel confident enough to make a career decision;
  • You do not look forward to your future studies or chosen career.

If you meet at least three of the above mentioned criteria, you run a great risk of making a wrong career decision. At Equilibria, we make sure that each of the above mentioned aspects are addressed effectively.

A career decision is one of the most important decisions that a young person can make. It makes more sense to spend time, effort and money to make absolutely sure about a career decision than to drop out of a study programme.

Apart from substantial financial losses that result from terminating studies, the cost to those who drop-out, in terms of psychological damage associated with failure, is often incalculable.  Students who drop out of tertiary programmes tend to suffer from:

  • a sense of failure
  • guilt feelings for wasting time and money
  • a decrease in self-confidence
  • confusion about the future
  • anxiety about making another wrong career decision

Prevent this from happening!

Invest in peace of mind

Invest in yourself and in your future

Do Equilibria’s exciting gap year programme and make a correct career decision.

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