Career guidance process

Equilibria is proud to boast one of the most in-depth and comprehensive career guidance programmes in South Africa. The programme entails a systematic, step-by-step process that is facilitated in various stages.

Research indicates that almost half of students who enroll for tertiary studies drop out after a few years. This means that every young person who enrolls for a tertiary course has an almost 50% risk factor of dropping out of a study programme.

Equilibria’s process includes a wide variety of interventions such as:

  • Regular individual counselling
  • Self-knowledge activities
  • Motivational training
  • Psychometric tests
  • Career interviews
  • Job shadowing
  • Career research training
  • Attending classes at universities
  • Viewing handbooks of study programmes
  • Videos
  • Internet research
  • Career expos and open days

The programme is facilitated over many months, allowing the decision-making process to unfold slowly and carefully. The slower the process, the more information and self-knowledge can be gathered to assist the student in making a correct career decision.

How does Equilibria help students to make a correct career decision?

Gain self-knowledge:
We guide each student through a step-by-step introspective process that leads to a thorough understanding of his or her personality type, talents, values and interests. We also help students to find effective ways to determine what their true passion is.

Exposure to a wide variety of career options:
We provide a platform for the exploration of a wide spectrum of career and study options available in South Africa, helping students to gain up to date information about each option.

Practical career research:
We assist students to complete a thorough career research process that broadens their understanding of the realities, pitfalls and advantages of each career field. This process includes interviews, job shadowing and attending classes at tertiary institutions.

Systematic process:
We help students to think systematically and analytically about career decisions to ensure their decisions are based on sound, rational information and not on feelings or vague ideas.

We aim to build self-confidence and intrinsic motivation in each student, helping them to arrive at a self-defined vision for their future. Students also receive regular motivational talks to stimulate their motivation for future studies.

Maturity and career readiness:
Making a career decision is a responsible action that requires mature thinking processes. We strive to build independence in students, helping them to mature sufficiently to make a self-initiated career decision.

Stress free environment:
Career decisions should ideally not be made while being under pressure, such as writing matric exams. We create an optimistic, non-pressurised environment that is conducive to making career decisions.

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