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Applicants need to fill in an application form to apply for enrollment at the school. Candidates are required to be in possession of a grade 12 certificate and are subject to a selection process. The selection criteria are provided below.

Selection criteria:

Selection is based on the information gained from the completed application form, school grades and a personality profile obtained from the questionnaire in the application form. To be selected for the course, your application needs to indicate that:

  • you have an ambition to succeed in life
  • you are truly motivated to do the course
  • you have a grade 12 certificate (or are completing grade 12)
  • your academic abilities are up to standard (approximately 60% average in high school)


APPLY ONLINE: To apply online in AFRIKAANS, click here.

To apply online in ENGLISH, click here.

USE  FAX OR E-MAIL: To download an English Application Form, click here

To download an Afrikaans Application Form click here.

FAX  your application to 086 441 9109 (fax to email) OR

E-MAIL it to

REQUEST AN APPLICATION FORM: Click here to send us an email and request an application form.

The closing date for application is 31 October each year. To avoid disappointment, prospective students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to ensure enrollment in the school. The application period opens 1 March each year.


If your application is successful, we will send you a Registration Form to complete. The completed Registration Form needs to be returned to the school with the registration fee (see Costs for details). A student is officially registered with the school once we have received his or her registration form and registration fee.

Registration closes 31 October. To avoid disappointment, successful applicants are encouraged to register as soon as possible to ensure their admittance to the school. Equilibria limits entry to the school and we cannot guarantee a student will be admitted to the school if he or she registers late in the year.

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