About Equilibria

Equilibria School of Life is a Christian-based boutique school that offers an exciting one-year post-matric finishing course and career orientation programme for young people. We teach young people to stand on their own feet and make informed, responsible career decisions. Running from January to December, the course boasts a comprehensive curriculum that deals with virtually every dimension of adult life and concludes with an optional tour to Europe.

The school offers much more than skills training – it is a life-transforming year and a personal make-over. Students are taught how to live happy, fulfilled lives that are fuelled by passion, purpose and direction. The programme is carefully designed to ensure maximum levels of self-growth and personal development. We help young people to mature, realise their potential as well-balanced individuals and find a self-defined vision for their future.

The finishing course is ideal for young people who want to take a gap year to reach their optimum potential, find direction for their future and prepare themselves for adulthood. The school provides a supporting, growing and learning environment for young people with the aim to empower them to become sophisticated and confident individuals who excel in all walks of life.

The study programme is specifically designed for young men and ladies alike and it is tailor-made to suit modern tendencies. In the modern world, the roles of men and ladies are increasingly overlapping and nowadays it is important that both genders have the skills which in the past were either exclusively associated with men or with women.

Equilibria redefines the traditional concept of a finishing school: it offers a broad programme that teaches a student in one year what normally takes people a lifetime to learn.
The objective of the course is to help you:

  • find your niche in life
  • make you independent
  • gain self-confidence
  • know yourself
  • grow your potential
  • cultivate style
  • built character
  • gain vital life skills

The course is truly a ‘crash course in life!’

At Equilibria,
YOU are the most important person. We are interested in YOUR dreams, YOUR well-being and YOUR future…

Student Feedback

Tamlyn Rossouw
“Equilibria is a must for everyone – regardless whether you have made up your mind about your future studies or not. It opens your eyes so much to things you wouldn’t otherwise have learned. I can now easily join, and even lead, any conversation about wine, beauty, finances, decorating, etc. I also no longer have to rely on others to help me should my car break down. I am totally self-efficient!”

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